The Connecticut Perinatal Association (CPA) was created over 30 years ago by a small group of dedicated perinatal healthcare providers.  Their mission was to promote education, support research and influence state priorities related to caring for women, infants and families in the perinatal period.  Their mission to promote education was most realized in the semiannual conferences sponsored by the association. These highly successful seminars showcased the latest research and trends in care - enhancing the clinical practice of the attendees while providing opportunities for professional networking.

The ability of our non-profit, volunteer organization to continue its mission has become ever more difficult over the past several years.  The electronic age has impacted the way many experience educational opportunities and the increasing cost of hosting the conferences prohibits us from presenting high-quality offerings at a reasonable price.

The current board of directors has recently come to the conclusion that it is no longer feasible for us to continue.  We have begun the process to dissolve the CPA and have chosen several worthwhile organizations as recipients of the remaining funds in our treasury.  These organizations embody the mission of the CPA through their work to promote the health and welfare of women, infants and families in Connecticut.

Thank you for your past commitment and support of Connecticut Perinatal Association.